DIY Solar Panels

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Solar is a trendy thing nowadays, with more and more renewable products entering the market – It is time for us to make the shift too. In fact, many homeowners have already shifted to 100% renewable energy, but the only barrier that makes us apart is the cost. Cost, in particular, is why people are … Read more


Does your high electricity bill scare you? If you always have to think twice before turning on your air-conditioner then you should be looking for a solution. We live in a modern age of technology where we come across new inventions on a daily basis. The newest technology to overcome the energy crisis is the … Read more

Best Deep Cycle Battery Reviews in 2022

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Looking for best Deep cycle battery? Suitable for a wide range of applications deep cycle batteries are perfect for powering vehicles, yacht, solar panels and related equipment. In other words, they are the need of 21st century. Hunting for an inexpensive, efficient deep cycle battery is a troublesome task and might get you conned.  Best … Read more

Best Solar Cemetery Lights 2021

Solar Cemetery memorial lights

There is lot of pain when someone dear to us leaves us forever. There are a lot of ways people do to honor or respect the departed souls out of which one of them to lighten their graves with cemetery lights. Solar cemetery lights are an Eco-friendly solution to regular lighting. They are portable, lightweight … Read more

Thunderbolt Magnum Solar

Thunderbolt Magnum Solar 500 Watt Charge Controller

Do you have an energy shortage issue at your place or are you tensed with high electricity bills? Most of these issues are solved using alternative energy sources like generators.  But there are a lot of problems with it. Your comfortable and clean environment is ruined with the use of generators. That’s why most people … Read more

Best Solar Shower Bags

Best Solar Shower

Do you love outdoor adventures? Maybe you like to spend time away from home, camping in the forest, or going on long, vigorous hiking trips? Then you should add a solar shower to your wish list. It’s the perfect addition to your camping kit. Just in case you haven’t heard of it, a solar shower … Read more



Looking for the most credible indoor solar lights? Well, here we are to help you choose the Best Solar Powered Indoor Lights within a good budget. We’ll figure out what aspects you should analyze while buying a solar light and introduce you to some top solar indoor lights. In this modern era, everybody is amazed … Read more

Best Solar Rings For Pool

Best Solar Rings for Pools

There is a price for all luxuries, similarly owning a swimming pool can cost a fortune in terms of maintenance. Living the joy of freshening dip comes with a hassle of preventing the unnecessary evaporation and keeping the swimming pool warm. You might be stuck with conventional heating methods like gas or electricity draining your … Read more

What Are the Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting

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Solar Tubes also known as sun tunnel or light pipe (daylight pipes) are an alternative to get sunlight inside the room. While they have started to become pretty popular among consumers, some have concerns on Pros and Cons of Solar Tube Lighting. Most people come up with the question:- Is there any disadvantage of using … Read more