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Soft Menstrual Cups

Looking for Soft Menstrual Cups? Well you have arrived at the right place as we will be listing some of the softest menstrual cups you can buy right now. Menstrual cups have gained a lot of attention due to the allergies and infections sanitary pads have been doing to a lot of women. So women are looking …

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Best Ice Pack for Lunch Box

Wondering why use Ice Packs for Lunch box instead of ice blocks? Well there are quite a few reasons you would not use regular ice cubes in your kids or adult lunch. The simple one is that the regular ice would melt and would make the food and lunch bag wet and drip. You don’t …

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Plastic Free Tea Bags in UK 2020

Do you know most tea bags contains around 25% plastic? American Chemical Society’s Journal of Environmental Science and Technology submitted a report that a single tea bag releases about 11.6 million minuscule particles also known as Microplastics. There are lot of foods which contains these type of microplastics but the amount of microplastics in teabag …

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