Swedish Dishcloth – Reusable, Biodegradable Kitchen Cloths

Swedish dishcloth 1

A Swedish dishcloth is an eco-friendly cleaning cloth that replaces sponges and paper towels. You can use it to clean countertops, do dishes in the kitchen or bath tub for general household chores! It’s also more hygienic than using a dirty sponge because of its self-adhesive surface which keeps bacteria at bay with just one … Read more



Does your toilet clog every time you flush? If you are looking for a good quality septic safe toilet paper then review our list of best toilet papers to make your life easy. We all use toilet paper daily. There is a large variety of toilet papers in the market but we tend to choose … Read more

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet in 2021

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet 2

Are you looking for slippers, which are cool and can provide comfort to your sweaty feet? If yes, then you are at the right place. Before you purchase your pairs of slippers for sweaty feet, you’ll need to ensure that your choice takes into account great wind stream. All things being equal, your new pair ought … Read more

5 Best Biodegradable Trash Bags 2021

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What are the most Eco friendly & Biodegradable Trash Bags?  This was a question asked by one of our readers recently. The answer to this question is not a simple one and we would have to look in to detail if Eco friendly kitchen bags or garbage bags do exist? But if you can compost or … Read more

Best Solar Powered Heat Lamp in 2021

Best Solar Heat Lamps

Are you looking for cheap alternatives to light up your house at night? Solar-powered heat lamps are ideal for lightening and warming up your poultry and pets at night. Most of the people think solar lamps as weak dim lights while they could be the best choice to avail in winters because animals catch cold … Read more

12 Best Reusable Pads 2021 {Menstrual Cloth Pads}

Period Starter Kit Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

Looking for Healthy Alternatives to Regular Disposable Sanitary Pads? Try these Hygienic and Reusable Pads made from either Cotton, Bamboo Charcoal or Organic material. Wegreeco and Teamoy Bamboo reusable menstrual cloth pads are top rated choice among women. Interested in having a look at organic menstrual cup? You can buy one of these with free … Read more

10 Best Beeswax Candles in the UK

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You don’t need a special reason to light Beeswax candles. All you need is a candlelight dinner with your partner with some romantic background music. You get the vibes right? Even if you’re single, their natural fragrance pervades a refreshing environment in your house, creating a marvelous signature scent – that will take you to … Read more

10 Best Bamboo Toilet Paper – Eco Friendly & Tree Free

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Toilet papers are a necessity of our everyday life. It serves us in the most convenient situation and provides us with a clean and refreshing atmosphere… You got the point! You will be surprised to know that there are types in the market for toilet papers. This isn’t just like a walk in the park … Read more

Eco-Friendly Lint Remover

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Does the lint on your clothes worry you? Sometimes when you take out your old clothes to wear at a party, what you find is that they’re all covered in lint and fuzz. You are clueless about how to remove it all quickly. That’s what lint removers are all about. Lint remover is basically a … Read more

10 Best Reusable Produce Bags 2020

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Plastic is one of the most hazardous materials that one can use. Climate change is a real issue, which is why all of us must take a thorough part in trying to fix the damage that we’ve done. If you want your kids to have a safe future, then you must take active measures to … Read more