Plastic Free Teabags – Compostable Tea Bags 2020

Do you know most tea bags contains around 25% plastic?

American Chemical Society’s Journal of Environmental Science and Technology submitted a report that a single tea bag releases about 11.6 million minuscule particles also known as Microplastics.

There are lot of foods which contains these type of microplastics but the amount of microplastics in teabag is a LOT.

For the solution of the issue, we came across Plastic Free Tea Bags. These are either made of paper or corn starch and mostly are compostable. So these plastic free teabags are a safe alternatives to regular tea bags we usually consume. 

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When we dig in to the Tea bags without Plastic, we come to know that we have two eco-friendly options available.

The first one is to buy ready made compostable plastic free tea bags and use them as they are. The other solution is to buy an organic loose tea pack and brew them in a reusable and refillable compostable bags.


A lot of tea is consumed worldwide daily and most of the tea brands use plastic to secure tea in the teabag. This consumption of millions of teabags add up a lot of plastic endangering the planet earth and its eco system.

Now the question arises, why do tea manufacturers use plastic in tea bags?

Actually to seal the tea in the bag and ensure their shape in hot liquid, tea manufacturers use a plastic polymer known as polypropylene. Though the amount of plastic used is quite negligible, it adds up to become huge considering the consumption of tea bags globally.

Regular tea bags practically never decompose completely. Not only it is a burden on Environment, polypropylene is said to affect human endocrine system which lead to a a lot of chronic health conditions. 

While it seems easy to switch to plastic free tea bag solution, most tea manufacturers won't let that happen as they claim it would be too costly to manufacture non-plastic bags for tea.

Best Regular Tea Bag Alternatives 

(Compostable Plastic Free Teabags)

So without any further ado, let's dive in to see some of the best plastic free and environmental friendly tea bags available in the market. 


Traditional Medicinals plastic free tea bags

Traditional Medicinals is proud to list their powerful herbal teas with over 50 different flavors. Their tea bags are made of organic and sustainable abaca which is also commonly known as Manila hemp and FSC cerified wood pulp only. There tea bags are compostable and non-GMO certified too. They don't contain any plastic material and free from gluten or other chemicals.

The tea bags are free from bleach and other harmful chemicals. They are treated with eco friendly and non toxic cleaning process. By using oxygen and peroxide to remove plant resins and wood pulp fibers, they ensure the tea bags are clean.

All of their tea bags are individually wrapped and sealed to ensure the essence of the tea. It is only done to prevent deterioration of herbal ingredients and to save them from exposure of light and humidity too.

The best part is that their tea is made from highest quality botanical ingredients directly from herbs. The tea and the tea bags are organic and USDA Organic certified.

We have read and analyzed hundreds of reviews and only heard good things about them. You get a lot of health benefits with an outstanding taste and doesn't feel guilty consuming plastic tea bags. 


  • Variety of Tea Flavors offered
  • Sustainably sourced from fertile herbs of Egypt's Neil Valley.
  •  Great Fragrant Taste and Flavor
  • Multiple health benefits
  • Completely Organic and NON-GMO Tea and Tea bags.
  • Caffeine Free
  • Compostable Tea Bags


  • Some people couldn't feel the flavor. (Light flavor tone)

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