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Keeping a good number of books all around the house is something book Lovers loves most. Many of you might never think of selling their old books. But there does comes a time in every reader's life that they have to get rid of books they don't need anymore. 

Though it might seem pretty hard to accept for some people. It is a good idea to REUSE products as much as we can for a healthy and sustainable planet.

Sometimes you get such a huge collection of books in your library that you cacn't buy any new books to stack. At this stage, you might have to think to yourself to dispose a few of your books to make place for new ones. 

You could always donate the books which is in itself quite noble, but won't it be great and more rewarding if we are able to get a small amount of money you spent to stack and fill your bookshelves. 

The most easiest one is to sell to your local bookstore or sell them online. There are quite a plenty of online bookstores available where you can sell your used books for profit.

We at GreenMetropolis had been selling and buying used books for a long time. Had to close the buying and selling books business because of extremely high prices of postage. Now we have re-branded it for a better and more noble cause and that is to promote a carbon free and sustainable and environmental friendly life.

We are listing some of the online book stores where you can still sell your books or buy plenty of used books at affordable rates. Reusing books again and again helps the planet by reducing overall waste.

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