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ISBN: 9780755372034


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Island of Bones

by Imogen Robertson

Customer Rating: 3 Stars (from 1 Member)
Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Thrillers
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 14 April 2011
Number of pages: 384
Prizes: Shortlisted for CWA Ellis Peters Historical Award 2011.

Cumbria, 1783. A broken heritage; a secret history...The tomb of the first Earl of Greta should have lain undisturbed on its island of bones for three hundred years. When idle curiosity opens the stone lid, however, inside is one body too many. Gabriel Crowther's family bought the Gretas' land long ago, and has suffered its own bloody history. His brother was hanged for murdering their father, the Baron of Keswick, and Crowther has chosen comfortable seclusion and anonymity over estate and title for thirty years. But the call of the mystery brings him home at last. Travelling with forthright Mrs Harriet Westerman, who is escaping her own tragedy, Crowther finds a little town caught between new horrors and old, where ancient ways challenge modern justice. And against the wild and beautiful backdrop of fells and water, Crowther discovers that his past will not stay buried.

What the papers say:
'This series, launched after Robertson won a Telegraph writing competition, continues to excel' -- Daily Telegraph 'Chillingly extraordinary thriller' -- Tess Gerritsen

Author's Biography:
Imogen Robertson grew up in Darlington, studied Russian and German at Cambridge, and now lives in London. She directed for TV, film and radio before becoming a full-time author, and also writes and reviews poetry. Imogen won the Telegraph's 'First thousand words of a novel competition' in 2007 with the opening of Instruments of Darkness, her first novel.

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Stars 4.34 Stars

Ratings 47

Held such promise

I have been given this book to review.

Initially I was quite interested in it due to the information on the back cover as it sounded very interesting.

However, although it is very well written it lacks something, but I'm not sure what.

It failed to grip me. With the best books I care about the characters & can see them in my mind. Sometimes can even feel that I actually live in the same world as them while reading & feel very disappointed when I finish the book as if i will miss seeing them. This did not do that for me. I felt detached from the characters & have to say that the story did not grip me in the way I was hoping it would.

Not sure if it would make a difference if I had read the others in the series.

Just OK
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