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ISBN: 9780600610816


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Puppy School

7 Steps to the Perfect Puppy

by Gwen Bailey

Category: Sport, Transport & Leisure / Transport, Nature & Pets
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
Publication date: 15 April 2005
Number of pages: 128

Would you love to have a puppy in your home, but dread the thought of chewed slippers and ripped furniture? In just seven simple steps, it has never been easier to have a happy, trained and well-behaved pet.; Includes everything from obeying hand signals to socializing. The UK's leading dog behaviourist shows you how to use positive reward-based training to achieve fast results.; Clear step-by-step photography, easy-to-follow instructions and problem solvers make training your puppy simple, fun and effective. Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey sold 140,000 copies.

Author's Biography:
Gwen Bailey is the founder and MD of the Puppy School - the UK's biggest network of training classes. She is author of nine animal behaviour books including the best-selling Perfect Puppy and is the former head of Animal Behaviour for the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Society.

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