Best Zombie Apocalypse Books You will Love

You Love Zombies a lot, and you are a big fan of The Walking dead both the show and the comic book series. But you won't be a true Zombie Fan if you haven't read these best Zombie Books yet.

There are tons of zombie books out there and all of them brings unique concepts and ideas to the genre. The zombie genre has exploded since 1950 when the classic I AM legend was introduced by Richard Matheson. 

So the books, movies, TV shows, video games and you name them, everything has a zombie theme. This is due to the fact that everyone loves horror. Reading a horror book or a horror movie without Zombies won't be complete. Right?

Since we are all obsessed with Zombie stuff, you would love our absolute favorite zombie books and series below.


The World War Z is an oral history of a Zombie war. It is an American fiction horror novel by Max Brooks. It is #1 Best seller on New York Times, USA Today and Wall street journal. Max Brooks has written the book in such a realistic write up that it seems the zombie apocalypse is going on. 

You might have seen the movie of World War Z several times but reading the book is even more enjoyable. Having sold over 2 million copies, it is indeed a worth reading zombie book if you haven't done already. 

Even the critics have been praising this book as "An absolute must have Zombie Book". Max brooks has gone in precise detail and authenticity. It seems as if it was for real . 

World War Z brings the finest and incredible story in history of human civilization. The book starts with rumors from China about a pandemic. The cases starts to multiply and the condition starts to worsen. A mindless man eating horrifically humanity induces a sense of reality to the book. 

World War Z is based on extensive interviews with pandemic survivors in the 10 years fight against horde. Read this book now that has let zombie genre into mainstream media by launching a blockbuster film and a zombie video game. 


A lot of people have not heard about this Zombie book. Only a few of you might have seen the movie "The Girl with all the gifts". If you have seen the movie before you would likely not read the book. But the truth is that the book is really powerful and nothing like the movie. 

So if you haven't read the book just because the movie was not that special. I would suggest you to give it a chance and believe me M.R. Carey won't disappoint you. 

The Girl with all the gifts sis a uniquely heartfelt zombie book that you won't resist to stop. The story is about a girl "Melanie" who is a special girl and goes to special children school. 

An outbreak comes and people all over the world get infected by a fungus that takes over people brain and turning them in to zombies. Melanie and her friends are also affected but in a different way. While they have appetite for human flesh, they still think, love and not that deadly. 

She jokes she won't bite, but people don't take her serious. It is a groundbreaking thrill zombie book which would keep you glued till end. 






‘The Forest of Hands and Teeth’ by Carrie Ryan


‘Monster Island’: A Zombie Novel by David Wellington


The End Games by Michael Martin


After Time (Zombie Book Series)


As The World Dies [Zombie Book Trilogy]


Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry


Extinction Horizon (The Extinction Cycle Book 1)
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Best Zombie Apocalypse Books - Verdict

We have tried to cover all the zombie books that are worth a read. Some of them are popular ones like The Walking Dead and Word War Z and some of the most recent ones like Patient zero. These were our favorite horror books on zombies. And if you want us to include comic books and graphic novels about zombies, let us know in comments below. 

Did we miss any good Zombie book? 

Let us know and we would love to add your suggestion to the list. 🙂

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