11 Best Dragon Book Series for Fantasy Fans

Waiting for some perfect dragon series to spice up your monotonous life?

What could be better than enjoying a well- written, magical, best book series about dragon, full of adventures and interesting plots to pass this dull quarantine period. The Dragon myths are getting real: a wild and mighty, winged monster, blind-folded by the loyalty of his master in the quest of gold-moving through a world full of your feral fantasies.

These Book Series about Dragons are compiled to spur your enchanted thoughts and take you to a journey more dangerous than your wildest dreams.

 This list features the most Dragon-centric mystical titles, either as an evil- winged serpent hungry for blood or a perfect faithful buddy who steals your heart. It would be a mesmerizing experience to read about your favorite fictional character in so many different books about dragons.

Best Books on Dragons - Fantasy Novels to Read


A classic tale of 2019 by Jenn Lyons, tactfully told in two parallel narratives: Khirin’s and his jailer- Talon’s, is an all time favourite dragon book series. 

The book features Dragons-a primitive race that's been known to bring the downfall of God-Kings, yet hibernates for spans of time, marking them nearly impossible to forestall and counter once they awake.

It also focuses on the protagonist Khirin living a chaotic life, shadowed by complicated affairs, driven by the urge for revenge, justice, and desire for survival.

Khirin’s world changes when he is acclaimed as a long-lost prince. In a whirlpool of events, he finds himself a prisoner at the mercy of his new family. 

Grasping that demons, gods, dragons, and prophecies are no longer a myth. Events take a turn when he realizes that he is not meant to be the protagonist who saves the empire but the antagonist who is destined to ruin it.


A series suited for teenagers, filled with complex mysteries, plot-twists, thrill, and suspense turns out to be enthralling books about dragons.

A frantic Dragon King, Nath Dragon has taken the mission to expose the mysteries of his birth, but a new threat is arising in Nalzambor.

By sacrificing his scales and getting trapped in human form, the Dragon King along with his dwarf Brenwar and his enchanted weapon Fang sets out in a journey to hunt down evil dragon pilferers. 

No wonder this series is among the best book series about dragons. This dragon book is about a journey of saving his Dragon king from the evil, malevolent giants and gnomes and preventing the catastrophe that could ruin Nalzambor. 


Of cinder & Bone Series is a sci-fi thriller by Kyoko M. which is ranked as the best book series about dragons. It moves around the retaliation of long-extinct treacherous hunters.


For mysterious reasons the scientifically born baby dragon got stolen. Kamola and Jack the two valiant scientists take on the mission of stealing their dragon back from the callous yazuka fraternities.

The clans have evil plans of creating transmuted, vicious beasts to destroy the world. This is a race against time and mighty powers. Dragon lovers are bound to fall for this amazing yet explosive series of Dragon books.


Wings of Fire revolves around intellectual dragons who live in communities. The dragons are distinguished by subspecies and kingdoms. For centuries a conflict has been brewing in the Dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. 

In this dragon book series, things came to a halt when a prophecy was made, which revealed that the violence will be culminated by five dragonets.

In the quest of saving Pyrrhia, they will be on a perilous expedition to travel around, fighting to end the Great War. Eventually, a new queen would be chosen.

This dragon book series is a combination of action, amusement, fantasy, unfolded mysteries, and suspense.

Here is the youtube review of Wings of Fire Book Series on Dragons.


An exotic piece of literature,marking its place in the best book series about dragons, features a girl trying to escape her early years of life spent in the blood-riddled streets of her hometown. 

The twist begins when she is summoned back to investigate and find the culprits behind serial killings of children taking place in the town again. At her side is the Dragon Lord she can never come in terms to trust.

A mortal roaming in the city of Dragons to find the hidden truth. The series gets exciting with each new dragon book, all different than the previous ones, it is hard to get enough of this brave detective fighting against the ferocious beasts.


One of the most incredible dragon books. Dragons being the petrifying evil monsters destroyed an entire village but a young boy survived the attack. The boy has a dark, deadly secret. Looted and sold into slavery, he is set free when a freaky accident and act of mercy takes place.

Fighting dragons- who never had been slain before and revenging on the looters is his sole purpose of living now. There comes a twist in this dragon story when it revealed that he was not only lucky enough in surviving the brutal dragon attack on his town but also, he has survived the shot of dragon venom in his blood.

The venom in his blood has empowered him in terrible ways, he is mightier than all the mighty lords but this came at a cost. Packed with strong plot points this series has enthralled the readers with its magic hence it can be called the best book series about dragons.


These magnificent series are divided into seven different volumes. Each book focuses primarily on Dragons. The story takes us to the most glorious, fictional continents, Westeros, and Essos.  

The plot revolves around successional combat among numerous families for control of Westeros, the intensifying risk of the rise of paranormal beasts in northern Westeros, exalted king’s banished daughter, and the quest to take over the Iron Throne.

These dragon books are the most intriguing and fantasy novels of this genre.


A story that takes place when a deadly, little dragon and a boy are left to explore the world of adventure and mysteries. Mistakenly considering a dragon egg as a polished blue stone, Eragon roams around the village.

Soon his world gets upside down when he realizes that the little glorious stone brings a dragon fledgling. Woah!! He and his little dragon are compelled to go against time and are thrown into a new era of supremacy, magic, power, and destiny.

The journey is about overthrowing the evil, barbaric king Galbatorix and freeing the people of Algaesia. The main purpose of the evil king is to locate and murder the previous Dragon riders with the alliance of deserter riders.

These books about dragons are worth reading again and again. The story reveals the bonding and exploits of the boy (a new dragon rider) and his scaly, little beast in an enticing way.


Another series considered as the Best Book Series about Dragons is Heart Stone Series. It takes us to a historic world full of magical creatures, dragons and valiant warriors who are in a constant war against the ferocious and malicious monsters that are a constant threat to the entire kingdom.

Merybourne Manor is a place full of filthy, creepy beasts who need to be slain for the place to become peaceful and joyful once again. Gradually the people of Merybourne Manor joined their forces to recruit riders to seek vengeance on the foe.

The beautifully designed characters and the amazing twists or plots take the reader to the world of enchantment and bewilderments.

The book is filled with an amazing series of romance, Magic, war, and hope.


The proud prince of Dragons Darnuir, is a smug man, his heart filled with hatred for others, does not care about the wreck he is causing in his surroundings. Soon he gets a blow of destiny and finds himself as a vulnerable little hatchling burning his ego and pride into ashes.

Decades pass and a situation of chaos arises when a demonic army horde the land. Darnuir is stuck between a nasty politics brewed between dragons, humans, and fairies. He does not have the advantage of the time to build his army to fight.

During the process he has to unveil the riddles of his past life, pay for his sins and attempt to unite the two vicious forces if they survive the blow of war. Being the last member of the Royal Bloodline of dragons, only he possesses the power to use the Ancient and Mighty Dragon Blade: The Ultimate Weapon to win the war.

These dragon books consists of several plots revolving around warfare, romance, and magic. The books keeps the reader intrigued by unfolding multiple twists after a few pages.


A set of nine classy dragon books takes you back to the time of Napoleonic Wars. The aerial war between fire breathing dragons and their navigational corps. 

The tale moves around Will Laurance- a captain of the prestigious Royal Navy, who suddenly finds himself as an aerial captain of Dragons. The plot shows a French Vessel carrying a rare dragon egg being seized.

Once the little dragon is out, it feels a special bond towards Laurance which is unbreakable. The trilogy follows the adventures of Laurance and Temeraire. Each character of the book is sculptured in detail, while the plot is full of military strategies, strikes, sentiments, humor, and grief.

 These well-written series of books bring magical treats for readers to keep them enticed and entertained for centuries.

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