Best Books on Buddhism

Searching for some enlightening books on Buddhism?

You are on the right place. Buddhism has several branches that primarily deal with and manages issues of torment, demise, resurrection, and the point of having a cheerful existence. Many people in the West start their journey towards spiritual awareness through meditation and books.

A good book can touch a person deeply and change his life. Buddhists do not follow any single book for religion’s basic beliefs, guidance, or awakening. There are multiple schools of thought and philosophies including Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Zen which combine to form the basis of Buddhism.

For the mystical enrichment of practitioners and religious pursuers, we have compiled a list of the most enlightening books on Buddhism. These will aid you to learn this religion and follow the steps towards eternal Nirvana.

Best Books on Buddhism


This book on Buddhism, written by Nhat Hanh provides all the fundamental teachings of Buddha clearly and poetically. 

Every point is covered in day to day relevance, which makes it easy to execute and practice dharma and reflection despite the subjects being abstract.

The book revolves around the essential Buddhist teachings such as the Four Noble Truths, Five Powers, Three Doors of Liberation, Twelve Links of Interdependent Co-Arising and The Noble Eightfold Paths, etc.

A few discoveries take you deeper into the realm of Buddhism. The book is a ray of hope for all the people who have lost track of the religion and need peace and freedom.


A complete guide to meditation by Sharon Salzberg. Meditation is a lifestyle, a method to relax your organs, mind and soul.

This book about Buddhism teaches us techniques to perform meditation to acquire the best possible results.

From the fundamentals of stance, breathing, to the better purposes of quieting the psyche, interruption, managing explicit issues to the bigger issues of sympathy and mindfulness, Real Happiness is a complete and authentic guide towards Buddhism.


Open Heart Clear Mind book by Thubten Chodron provides a casual introduction to Buddhism, a reader can relate to the Buddhist book at a personal level with a better concept of the culture and traditions.

It brings us at a peace with ourselves to start living a better yet satisfying life. The main focus is to incorporate the teachings of Buddha into a modern lifestyle.

The writer writes with warmth and humor to connect with people searching for light. Her examinations of mental state, basic conduct and how to adjust this conduct to live a progressively sound life, is required for all individuals wishing to follow a Buddhist way.


Reb Anderson initially acquaints us with the key thoughts of Zen Buddhist practice in this book related to Buddhism. He focuses on the identity of Shakyamuni Buddha, his teachings and his vow.

He shares the importance of taking asylum in Dharma, Sangha and Buddha. The writer preaches on ten fundamental statutes which include not harming others, abstain from lying, never stealing, not abusing sexually, avoid utilizing intoxicants, etc.

Anderson takes us to the core of circumstances, where moral decisions are difficult and we don't have all the appropriate responses. With shrewdness and sympathy, he shows us how to face the passionate and moral strife of our lives.


The Illustrated Encylopedia of Buddhist Wisdom is a  complete guide of Buddhist teachings, principles and meditation. The book emphasizes 3 major schools of thought namely Theravada, Tibetan and Zen traditions.

 This Book about Buddhism is a great piece of wisdom if you want to start the journey of everlasting serenity and peace. It shows visible techniques for meditations and guides for visiting Buddhist centers.

It also narrates the tales of Prince Siddharta and the struggle of preaching beliefs of Buddhism throughout Asia.

The book emphasizes the physical and psychological rather than spiritual characteristics of Buddhist practice.


A Buddhist Book by Dalai Lama who ethically guides the people to embark on the never-ending road towards timeless wisdom, morality, eternal enlightenment, meditation and self-contentment.

The author urges you to force the negativity out of your mind and to avoid doing any harm to others, maintain a mental equilibrium to deal with the daily life hardships or sorrows and to push the evil feelings of loathing, envy, inferiority and mistrust away.

He plays with human psychology to make them familiar to the Buddhist ground which is ethics of actions, sorrow and empathy.


The Buddha and His Teachings is one of the most classic introduction to Buddhism, an exceptional anthology of Buddhist teachings based on actions and precepts and a book that shares the ideologies and practices of Buddha. 

It takes you on a tour of Buddhist traditions. It is marked as one of the Best Books on Buddhism.

The book is divided into two significant parts, one comprises the Life of Buddha, while the other part comprises the Dhamma, a term that describes his Doctrine.


Composed by American Buddhist Pema Chödrön,
"When Things Fall Apart" is top-rated book on Buddhism.

It encourages you to manage issues of tension, agony, and miseries in such a way that they transform into comfort, satisfaction and pleasure.

Utilizing Buddhist lessons, she presents a great deal of reasonable guidance on the best way to more readily adapt to testing minutes throughout your life. She mainly focuses on changing your negative vibes into positive vibes.

The main purpose is to make you come in terms with your inner peace and strength, secondly to make you repent and mend your ways according to Buddhism. The book contains the bitter truths of life and eternity which we avoid to face. But the great writer makes us face the hard reality of Buddhism with good motives.


"Mindfulness in Plain English"  rare Buddhism book by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, that you will read again and again and each time find a deep message hidden in its wisdom-filled pages.

It is beneficial for non-Buddhists and Buddhist professionals both. This book of knowledge gives a new point of view on your daily life sufferings and guides you through your training process.

It revolves around structuring mindfulness meditation and seeing reality the hard way. It’s a simply phrased manual for creating more prominent degrees of care by rehearsing vipassana contemplation.

A book that motivates you to start following the track of Buddha and developing mindfulness to develop Metta.


Since the dawn of Zen, poetry has been an essential tool to practice Zen Buddhism. This wonderful book about Buddhism includes the poetries of multiple artists who provide an overview of Chinese and Japanese Zen poetry from the initial days of the 20th century.

The artists display their work in a philosophical and historical context. They focus on the miracles of the world, the little changes that take place every day, the indications of the unpredictability of life in every living being and the little subtleties that are frequently missed by the less perceptive individuals.

This Buddhism book indicates the followers to attain the Buddhist knowledge through continuous efforts and movement of life, instead of relying solely on sutras and koan studies.


On the Path to Englightenment Buddhism book is based on a constant journey- a journey to attain Nirvana, a journey towards enlightenment and eternal happiness.

According to the wise book on Buddhism, a person develops insight and becomes happy when he leaves his inner cravings or ego to follow the path Of Buddha, when he fully understands along with accepts the lifestyle endured and suggested by The Buddha.

The book enlightens us about the Four Principles of Happiness and the Exploration of the right mind. It reminds us to include the teachings of Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist Schools of thought in our daily life activities.

The book reveals that Buddhism is a path towards growth, contentment and harmony.


Our brain plays an important role in sculpturing your personality. Buddha's Brain is a great book on Buddhism that contemplates the workings of our brains.

It takes on how our brain makes stress or internal depression, despair or love, outrage or tranquility, disarray or clearness, how it plays with our emotions in a certain way.

It helps us in positively training our brain: stimulate sympathy, compassion and love- erase out the disdain, envy and malevolence.

This comprehensive book about Buddhism is a struggle to make people understand about the interface between technology and meditation to get on the journey of spirituality.


The Book of Joy is a highly admired book on Buddhism. It is about a five-day journey of two spiritual personalities in the quest of one answer.

Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu let us experience their spiritual practices in this book. How do we find joy in the face of life’s inevitable suffering? This is the question that reflects their lives.

Spending a few days together they talked about their spiritual beliefs, discussed their practices, shared tales, reflected on their sorrows, miseries and sufferings amidst of which they acquired happiness and inner peace. This Book about Buddhism is a book of guidance, hope and motivation.

This collection of books on Buddhism will help you attain the most authentic knowledge of Buddhism and can provide you with the basic guides to follow the preaching and holy traditions of Buddhism.

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