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Hi, as you can see I am a bit of a book lover as these are just a small selection of the books I have in bookshelves at the moment but need to make room for new titles. I don't think you can beat the feel and look of a book and have no interest of buying an e-reader in the future - then again I said that about cd's when vinyls disapeared for a while. Thanks for looking.

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ISBN Book title Author Price Condition
9780002246378 X-files £4.50 Excellent
9780862836276 Great Aircraft of the World Len Cacutt £7.00 Excellent
1244656 Realms Of Darkness Mary Danby £4.50 Good
9781849530712 You Know You're Past it When... Ben Fraser £3.00 As New
9781579549121 The Sugar Solution Sari Harrar £4.50 As New
9780340977163 Just After Sunset Stephen King £4.50 As New
9780007267538 Odd Hours Dean Koontz £4.50 Excellent
9780718147655 You are What You Eat Gillian McKeith £4.00 Excellent
9781447206804 Soul Seekers: Fated Alyson Noel £3.50 Excellent
9781846052569 Cross Country James Patterson £4.50 Excellent
9781846054587 Cross Fire James Patterson £5.00 As New
9780099596363 Middle School: Ultimate Showdown James Patterson £4.50 New
9781780890272 NYPD Red 2 James Patterson £5.00 As New