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Posts in Topic : All Forums | Horror | Florence and Giles - John Harding
Started 22/03/2011 15:02:10 by Lynnair. Topic has 2 reply(s).



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Florence and Giles - John Harding
#1 Posted 22/03/2011 15:02:10


A seriously creepy book from John Harding, it has echoes of the Turn of the Screw but is much easier reading and is definitely more scary. Harding is more known for his humourous novels so this is something quite different for him, well worth a read if you like a bit of Gothic.

Synopsis: Sinister Gothic tale in the tradition of The Woman in Black and The Fall of the House of Usher

1891. In a remote and crumbling New England mansion, 12-year-old orphan Florence is neglected by her guardian uncle and banned from reading. Left to her own devices she devours books in secret and talks to herself - and narrates this, her story - in a unique language of her own invention. By night, she sleepwalks the corridors like one of the old house's many ghosts and is troubled by a recurrent dream in which a mysterious woman appears to threaten her younger brother Giles. Sometimes Florence doesn't sleepwalk at all, but simply pretends to so she can roam at will and search the house for clues to her own baffling past.

After the sudden violent death of the children's first governess, a second teacher, Miss Taylor, arrives, and immediately strange phenomena begin to occur. Florence becomes convinced that the new governess is a vengeful and malevolent spirit who means to do Giles harm. Against this powerful supernatural enemy, and without any adult to whom she can turn for help, Florence must use all her intelligence and ingenuity to both protect her little brother and preserve her private world.

Inspired by and in the tradition of Henry James' s The Turn of the Screw, Florence & Giles is a gripping gothic page-turner told in a startlingly different and wonderfully captivating narrative voice.




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Re:Florence and Giles - John Harding
#2 Posted 27/08/2011 09:37:01

does appeal to me this one for the kindle i think at a mere 0.99p :)