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Started 10/05/2010 18:11:11 by yamatekko. Topic has 2 reply(s).



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Virus by Sarah Langan
#1 Posted 10/05/2010 18:11:12

Sarah Langan

Hi. Recently I've got the book above. When I went to Amazon site, the author published a book called "the Missing" little later as this one. Reading the reviews on both books, they seemed to be the same story and the one I possessed might be just re-titled. Do you know anything about this? Thanks for your help!




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Re:Virus by Sarah Langan
#2 Posted 10/05/2010 20:43:05

Sorry can't help, it does sound interesting though. Don't need a larger TBR pile but think it may have to go on.




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Re:Virus by Sarah Langan
#3 Posted 29/06/2010 13:14:57

Have you considered emailing publishers to ask? Could be uSA and Uk editions or something as often they get different titles. I hate it when they repackage or rename books though - so confusing!