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Started 19/03/2010 22:03:32 by Fiona G. Topic has 0 reply(s).

Fiona G

Fiona G

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The Outlander
#1 Posted 19/03/2010 22:03:32

Gil Adamson

I heard bits of this book on 'Book at Bedtime' last year -it's set in 19th century Canada - a woman kills her husband and is pursued by his brothers across the Canadian wilderness and she ends up in a mining town at which there is then a pit disaster, in the aftermath of which the brothers arrive in town ... and I fall asleep ... please don't tell me the ending, but from I heard I'm happy to recommend it, but I'm also looking for a copy. I know I can put it on my wishlist, which I'll do, but if anyone has an unwanted copy skulking on their shelves, I'd be pleased to help you creat a little more space - thanks.