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14 Best Stephen King Books to Read

Have you ever encountered an unexplainable experience with the supernatural? Do you want to stay awake tonight by reading the most enthralling book about supernatural powers, science fiction and crime? If you are looking for horror books- nobody writes them better than Stephen King. Numerous books by him have been altered into efficacious TV shows …

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Best Dean Koontz Books

Looking for a good book to keep you awake tonight? Does fantasy, crime, thriller, science-fiction and suspense make a rush of adrenaline in your blood? Then you should be reading Dean Koontz Books– a bestselling author. He also covers these genres in a pitching way. The reader is bound to get lost in the world created …

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Books Like The Selection

Looking for some books like the Selection? Are you a romantic dreamer at heart? The Selection is a novel by Kiera Cass which was published in 2012. This young- adult series takes the book lovers into the life of America Singer. Her insignificant world and dreams topple when she takes part in a competition announced …

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Best Ann Rule Books Review 2020

Are you obsessed with reading Crime Books? Look no further, as we are going to list some of the best true crime books by an excellent writer Ann Rule. Though there have been a lot of popular crime book writers like Michelle McNamara, Dave Cullen and more. The books written by ann rule are out of this world. …

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