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ISBN: 9783829004183


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Single Malt and Scotch Whisky

Select and Savour Over 200 Brands and Varieties

by Daniel Lerner

Category: Food & Drink / Food & Drink
Publisher: Ullmann Publishing
Publication date: 22 August 1998
Number of pages: 184

Come to know your whisky and enjoy it even more! Travel to the windswept Scottish highlands while leafing through the richly illustrated pages of this book. Here, you will encounter the innumerable distilleries of Scotland and learn of both traditional methods of whisky production and regional varieties. Find out the difference between single malt and blended whisky: the glossary at the end of this volume provides you with valuable information on production and tasting. It will, in short, make you an expert on whisky. This is the essential companion and resource for novices and seasoned experts. It offers valuable information for bartenders, caterers, restaurateurs, and all who enjoy a full range of single malts and Scotch whiskys - their charge, smoothness, and sophistication. Take an in-depth look at over 200 different brands and varieties with respect to aging, comparative strength, aromas, flavours, and distilleries.

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