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ISBN: 9781904053910


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The Buy-to-let Bible

by Ajay Ahuja

Category: Home, Family & Health / Home & House
Publisher: Lawpack Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 3 May 2005
Number of pages: 256

Low mortgage rates and under-performance by traditional savings and investment products means that property has never looked a better way to invest for the future. Author Ajay Ahuja divulges the practical and financial techniques that have made him a millionaire. It covers finding the right property, the right mortgage lender, the right tenant, legal issues and tax. Buy-to-let property 'hotspots' by region across the UK are also listed.

Author's Biography:
Ajay Ahuja is the founder and owner of the national accountancy practice Accountants Direct. It is the first in the UK that deals exclusively with the provision of references for the self-employed for mortgaging purposes. This experience has led to an in-depth knowledge of mortgages and the property market in general. He currently consults with various local councils and accommodation projects, attempts to provide innovative solutions to problems being faced by the homeless and comments on issues surrounding social housing. He now owns and controls a property portfolio worth GBP3m and provides housing for more than 250 people around the UK.

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