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ISBN: 9781904034148


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by Mark Brandon Read

Category: True Stories / General
Publisher: Blake Publishing
Publication date: 5 August 2002
Number of pages: 282

Bullied at school, and growing up dreaming of revenge, Mark "Chopper" Read determined to be the toughest in any company. This autobiography tells how he became a crime commando who terrorized drug dealers, pimps, thieves and armed robbers on the streets and in jail - but he boasts never to have hurt an innocent member of the public. As a streetfighter, gunman and underworld executioner, he has been earmarked for death a hundred times but has lived to tell the tale.

What the papers say:
'Apart from Irish whiskey, good cigars, Pontiac motor cars, and a pistol grip baby, what I love most is kidnapping smart-arse gangsters and taking their money.' 'So I shot Nick the Greek and burned his house down? So what? If you met him, you'd want to burn his house down too...' 'To the human filth I have bashed, belted, iron-barred, axed, shot, stabbed, knee-capped, set on fire and driven to their graves, I can only quote from the motto of the French Foreign Legion - Je Ne Regrette Rien!!!'

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