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ISBN: 9781903991169


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Boards That Work

A Guide for Charity Trustees

by David Fishel

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Business & Management
Publisher: Directory of Social Change
Publication date: 30 April 2003
Number of pages: 328

Why do we need boards and management committees? What are they there for? How can board and committee members best contribute to an organization? And what risks are board and committee members exposed to? The environment non-profit organizations operate in is changing rapidly - technologically, politically and legislatively. Public expectations are higher than in the past and new demands are placed on charity boards and executive staff. "Boards that Work is" intended to support trustees as they try to meet these challenges. For the relatively new board member it provides a sound introduction to the concept of board membership, duties and responsibilities. For more experienced board members it is a resource to exploit as specific issues arise. And, for senior executive officers reporting to the board, it gives an insight into the trustees' view of things. The book covers three main areas: board responsibilities - including the purpose of the board, its formal and legal responsibilities, strategic planning and policy-setting, the appointment of the CEO, marketing, fundraising and performance monitoring; board processes - including the role of the Chair, effective board meetings, committee structures, the recruitment of new trustees, the presentation of information, planning and evaluation procedures; and resources - including sample policies and role statements, questionnaires and further information. There are examples and checklists throughout the book, together with case studies and in-depth interviews with a selection of board members and CEOs.

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