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ISBN: 9781903776230


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The Training Evaluation Pocketbook

Series: Management Pocketbooks S.

by Paul Donovan , By (author) John Townsend

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Business & Management
Publisher: Management Pocketbooks
Publication date: 1 September 2004
Number of pages: 96

How successful is your training? What impact has it made? The Training Evaluation Pocketbook explains - succinctly, visually and with abundant informative examples - how to measure your training results. Authors Paul Donovan of the Irish Management Institute and John Townsend of the Master Trainer Institute have, following their successful collaboration on The Facilitator's Pocketbook, teamed up once again to produce what is set to become another pocketbook classic. In order to 'demystify' the process of evaluating training events, the pocketbook identifies nine possible outcomes to measure: reaction to training, satisfaction with the way training was organised, knowledge acquisition, skills improvement, attitude shift, behaviour change, organisational results, return on investment and psychological capital.

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