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ISBN: 9781903070475


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Great Sects

With Dumbed Down Dogma

by Adam Hume Kelly

Category: Religion & Philosophy / Religion & Beliefs
Publisher: Eye Books
Publication date: 30 September 2005
Number of pages: 127

"Great Sects" is a non-scholarly book containing sketches of history and beliefs, insights, trivia and unexpected details about very many of the world's largest, smallest, oldest and strangest beliefs, faiths and religions. It is a succour for the legion of intellectually curious and perhaps some of the answers to a lot of big questions. Questions from the religion of Elvis to the Nation of Islam, Kabbalah to Dreamtime, Druidry to Opus Dei, Satanism to the Church of England, and Jedi Knights to the Church of Country Sports together with many others. "There is really only one religion, though there are a 100 versions of it." - GB Shaw 1898.

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