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ISBN: 9781861974716


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Below the Breadline

Living on the Minimum Wage

by Fran Abrams

Category: Study & Reference / Sociology
Publication date: 20020718
Number of pages: 192

Fran Abrams was commissioned by the Guardian to work as a night cleaner at the Savoy - living on (or as it turned out - below) the minimum wage. A short version of that experience appeared in the paper in January 2002. For Profile, she spent a month living on (in fact below) the minimum wage in South Yorkshire working in a pickle factory and then another month in Scotland working as a care assistant. In the tradition of George Orwell's Down & Out in London & Paris, this book shows what it is like to try to live on ?4.10 an hour. Where can you live? What can you afford to eat? Or do in the evening? What are the jobs - and the workmates and bosses like? This book, in entertaining prose, sympathetic portraits and a telling eye for detail reveals all - including the extraordinary differences across the length of Britain.

Author's Biography:
Fran Abrams is a journalist who writes for the Guardian, BBC Radio 4, Independent and numerous other papers.

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