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ISBN: 9781860195501


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The Origins of Wisdom

Series: The origins of wisdom

by O.B. Duane

Category: Religion & Philosophy / Philosophy
Publisher: Caxton Publishing
Publication date: 1 January 2000
Number of pages: 88

This book is a fascinating journey to the past, to a continent rich in poetry and art, a time of courtly love, of crusading knights and their ladies and bloody battles fought in the name of God. The book explores an era infused with passion and emotion and the inspiration for some of the world's most wonderful paintings. Those who lived during this time left an awe-inspiring legacy of art and literature, many examples of which are reproduced in this book. This beautiful volume takes the reader from the idyllic aspirations of early crusaders and courtiers, through disillusionment and decay, to the harsh realities of a war fought with bloodlust and pride.

Author's Biography:
O.B. Duane, who obtained her BA and MLitt in Dublin, now lives in London where she now works as a writer and editor. She has written many books on fine art, literature and Celtic traditions.

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