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ISBN: 9781856265058


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Healthy Eating for Diabetes

Series: Healthy Eating S.

by Antony Worrall Thompson , By (author) Azmina Govindji

Category: Food & Drink / Food & Drink
Publisher: Kyle Cathie
Publication date: 23 October 2003
Number of pages: 144

Diabetes and sugar are traditionally seen as mutually exclusive and it is frequently believed that people with diabetes have to give up their favourite foods, especially sweet dishes, and maintain strict eating habits. The truth is that by observing a few simple rules like basing meals on starchy, carbohydrate foods, and eating a balanced diet, it is possible to live with diabetes and still enjoy good food. And by adapting recipes for cakes and puddings you can continue to eat your favourite desserts. This book explains how to manage your diabetes through food and eat a balanced diet. It explains the glycaemic index (GI) of foods and how to use it to manage your glucose levels. And although there are a few foods (fizzy drinks, sweets) that should be avoided, sweet foods can still be enjoyed as long as you balance them with low GI foods. Anthony Worall Thompson explains how to adapt recipes so that they use less sugar and fat - for example, using the natural sweetness of fresh or dried fruit instead of sugar - and also offers delicious, low-sugar recipes created specially for this book.

Author's Biography:
Antony Worrall Thompson is one of the UK's most recognised chefs. Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, he studied hotel and catering management at Westminster College. Starting as a sous chef at Brinkley's Restaurant, he was head chef within a month and has since opened his own restaurants. Most recently he revamped his popular restaurant in Notting Hill, formerly known as Wiz and now called Notting Grill. Antony is also the co-presenter of BBC's Food and Drink and a regular chef on BBC2's Ready, Steady, Cook. Passionate about organic farming, he also grows fruit and vegetables at his home on the banks of the Thames. Author of several recipe books, he has recently completed his autobiography and has already worked with Diabetes UK. He has also been diagnosed with Syndrome X, a pre-diabetes medical condition.

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