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ISBN: 9781856130998


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Born to be Riled

by Jeremy Clarkson

Category: Sport, Transport & Leisure / Humour
Publication date: 25 January 2007
Number of pages: 576

Takes a look at the world through the car windscreeen. Among other things, this title explains: why Surrey is worse than Wales; how crossing your legs in America can lead to arrest; the reason cable TV salesmen must be punched; and, that divorce can be blamed on the birth of Jesus.

Author's Biography:
Jeremy Clarkson made his name presenting a poky motoring programme on BBC2 called Top Gear. He left to forge a career in other directions but made a complete hash of everything and ended up back on Top Gear again. He lives with his wife, Francie, and three children in Oxfordshire. Despite this he has a clean driving licence

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