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ISBN: 9781853454622


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One Step Beyond

One Man's Journey from Near Death to New Life

by Gram Seed , With Andrea Robinson

Category: Biographies / Religious & Spiritual
Publisher: CWR
Publication date: 1 February 2008
Number of pages: 180

Gram Seed, written off by family, neighbours, teachers and the police as a lost cause, his early life taking him through shoplifting, football hooliganism, multiple stabbings, beatings, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness and several jail sentences to a six-day coma. His autobiography, One Step Beyond, tells of his journey from despair and near death to hope, faith, salvation and redemption. Gram tells how following his miraculous recovery and rehabilitation and with the strength of his new-found faith he has established the Sowing Seeds Ministries. He shows those treading the same treacherous road he was travelling that there is a much better alternative. This story will hugely bless and encourage as it reminds us of God's amazing love and forgiveness, His desire and ability to change lives and the power of prayer.

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