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ISBN: 9781852278434


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The Devil's Party

A History of Charlatan Messiahs

by Colin Wilson

Category: Religion & Philosophy / Religion & Beliefs
Publication date: 20000309
Number of pages: 288

Taking the most famous 'prophet' of recent times, David Koresh, as a starting point, this is an analytical look at the troubled history of charlatan messiahs around the world. But Koresh was neither the first, nor the most excessive, nor even the most misguided, and Colin Wilson looks at cult leaders from the early days of Christianity through, among others, the Rev Jim Jones and Jeffrey Lundgren. He goes on to consider what it is that makes these messiahs believe they are who they claim to bve, and what makes people give up everything to follow them - a messiah is nothing without someone to believe in him. This comprehensive study untangles the history of the charlatan messiahs and explores their world view.

What the papers say:
A chilling history of the false prophet phenomenon - Mirror

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