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ISBN: 9781849162937


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The Disciple

by Stephen Coonts

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Thrillers
Publisher: Quercus Publishing Plc
Publication date: 4 February 2010
Number of pages: 384

Iran is on the move, instigating provocative military manoeuvres on land, air and sea. The CIA is urging caution, but Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton have information that Iran's covert nuclear programme is nearing completion. The religious fanatic who has seized control of the country is planning to hit US and Israeli targets within days and turn Iran into a nation of martyrs. Carmellini has a secret weapon in a group of Iranian dissidents who will do anything to stop the attack. But will the US government believe them in time to act? And what if the Israelis decide to take matters into their own hands? In The Disciple Stephen Coonts weaves together dramatic action scenes involving military might and undercover technology into a terrifying thriller that imagines the ultimate nuclear nightmare.

Author's Biography:
Stephen Coonts is the author of fifteen New York Times bestsellers, which have been published in over 20 countries worldwide. A former Navy pilot and Vietnam combat veteran, he and his wife live in Nevada. Visit his Web site at

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