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ISBN: 9781846960260


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Series: No. 1 This is My Faith


Category: Children & Teen Non-Fiction / Humanities & Social Studies
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
Publication date: 18 January 2007
Number of pages: 32

Tells the story of Buddhism's origins and its development into three major schools of thought and presents the particular beliefs and practices of those schools of Buddhism that still flourish. This volume explores the concept of the "socially engaged Buddhist," the growth and practice of Buddhism in America, and the changes in its caste system.

What the papers say:
"Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience has only strengths, as unbelievable as that sounds. It is probably the best introduction to Buddhism available. Mitchell presents not only the rich historical development of Buddhism, its major texts and doctrines right up to the present; he also guides us through the enormous variety of Buddhist cultures, sects, and schools in a clear and engaging fashion. Brief autobiographical narratives of well-known Buddhist practitioners and scholars as well as individual essays on the contemporary lived experience of Buddhism in various countries add greatly to this book's uniqueness and value. We get real Buddhism, not just textbook Buddhism."-Bradley Malkovsky, University of Notre Dame
"Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience uses a very broad historical and cultural framework to introduce and accommodate a whole wide spectrum of 'Buddhist experiences'-across 2,500 years and the entire continent of Asia and beyond. Such an endeavor, to my knowledge, is perhaps the most ambitious and comprehensive treatment given to the subject. This book is truly one of a kind."-Wei Zhang, University of South Florida
"The author has done an excellent job of presenting a clear and accurate exposition of Buddhism."-Paul J. Griffiths, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience is among the most clearly written and even-handed treatments of the whole of Buddhist history for undergraduate classroom use on the market today."-Linda Penkower, University of Pittsburgh

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