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ISBN: 9781845293192


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Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death

Series: 7 Agatha Raisin

by M.C. Beaton

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publisher: Constable and Robinson
Publication date: 27 April 2006
Number of pages: 224

Agatha Raisin's neighbouring village of Ancombe is usually the epitome of quiet rural charm, but the arrival of a new mineral-water company sends tempers flaring and divides the parish council into two stubborn camps. When Agatha finds the council chairman murdered at the basin of the spring, tongues start wagging.

What the papers say:
"* 'Anyone interested in a few hours' worth of intelligent, amusing reading will want to make the acquaintance of Mrs. Agatha Raisin.' - The Cleveland Pain Dealer * 'Agatha Raisin is sharp, witty, hugely intelligent, unfailingly entertaining, delightfully intolerant and oh so magnificently non PC. M C Beaton has created a new national treasure... the stories zing along and are irresistible, unputdownable, a joy. If you buy one book a year, let it be this. Agatha Raisin is The Strongest Link.' - Anne Robinson * 'Beaton's dry sense of humour and her unflattering but affectionate portrait of gruff, often adolescent acting Agatha make this... tale a bloom worth picking.' - Publishers Weekly * 'Engaging' - Booklist"

Author's Biography:
M C Beaton is the author of the highly acclaimed Hamish Macbeth mystery series. This novel begins a new series featuring sleuth Mrs Agatha Raisin. Born in Scotland, Beaton now lives in the Costwolds.

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