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ISBN: 9781845134310


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The Authorised Biography

by Byron Rogers

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Industry
Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd
Publication date: 25 June 2009
Number of pages: 256

Byron Rogers' biographies of the maverick literary figures J. L. Carr and R.S. Thomas drew dazzling critical acclaim from both fans and reviewers. His singular insight into the lives of these men was undoubtedly derived from Rogers' own bizarre, whimsical disposition. For such a wildcard as Byron Rogers, the search to deliver a suitable encore could only lead one place: himself. The story of Me: The Authorised Biography begins several years ago, when the author started receiving letters forwarded to him by his then-employer, the Daily Telegraph Magazine. But these weren't the usual readers' letters. These were passionate, erotic love letters. They were also from women he'd never met. But they seemed to know all about him, the illustrious journalist...Rogers' quest to find out about this other Mr Rogers - not your normal kind of imposter, but one who did you the double-edged favour of spreading far and wide your undeserved reputation as a sexual voyageur - is what sets off this strange and hilarious memoir. With seemingly nothing else for it, Byron embarks on a journey to track down this talented imposter and learn his startling fate. The result is this uncategorisable and wonderful book -part hilarious, wistful and outrageous memoir, part detective story. Me is one of the most charming and certainly one of the oddest, memoirs you'll ever read.

What the papers say:
'A wonderful book... if it does not become a bestseller my plans to leave the company will go into overdrive' -- Andrew Martin Daily Mail 'Rogers has produced one of the most delightful books crafted by an author for whom English is not the first language...fascinating and affectionate' Independent 'A star writer...On every page there is a strange incident, a funny anecdote, a striking image' Daily Telegraph 'One of the wittiest volumes of memoirs in recent years [by] one of the finest and funniest national newspaper journalists in Britain' Scotsman 'Endearing and very funny' -- Craig Brown Mail on Sunday

Author's Biography:
Byron Rogers is a Welsh journalist, essayist and biographer. He has contributed to The Times, the Sunday Telegraph and the Guardian, and was once a speech writer for the Prince of Wales. He is also author of seven books published by Aurum, including: An Audience With an Elephant, one of several collections of his journalism; The Man Who Went into the West, a critically acclaimed biography of the iconic twentieth century Welsh poet, R. S. Thomas, which was awarded the James Tait Black Prize for Biography in 2007; and The Last Englishman, a biography of the quintessential Englishman and celebrated novelist J.L. Carr. Me: The Authorised Biography, was published in 2009. His most recent book is Three Journeys. He currently lives in Northamptonshire and Carmarthen.

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