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ISBN: 9781845130480


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Sex, Lies and Politics

by Larry Flynt

Category: Study & Reference / General
Publication date: 01 Oct 2004
Number of pages: 256

It takes a hustler to know one. In his explosive new book, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt lays bare the vast right-wing conspiracy that brought George W. Bush to power four years ago. He shows how democracy has been perverted by what John Kerry described as 'a bunch of lying crooks' - the fundamentally corrupt Bush and his cronies. In an incisive and pithy review of recent history, Flynt demonstrates that the triumph of Bush Junior is the direct result of a thirty-year battle by the reactionary Right to control American hearts and minds. And he reveals the real reasons why the president launched the first pre-emptive war in American history - a true story of sleeping with the enemy. Described as 'the Tom Paine of our time', Flynt has made a second career of defending freedom of speech. Here, he invokes the First Amendment to reveal the unseemly backgrounds of some of the hypocritical politicians who parade as protectors of family values and Christian principles. This racy, engrossing and highly entertaining read will appeal directly to the enormous market for polemics against Bush.

Author's Biography:
Larry Flynt is the founder of Larry Flynt Publications, which publishes more than thirty magazines, including Hustler. He is a popular speaker on the college circuit all over the United States. He lives in Hollywood.

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