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ISBN: 9781844032792


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Property Ladder"

The Developer's Bible

by Sarah Beeny

Category: Home, Family & Health / Home & House
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
Publication date: 31 October 2004
Number of pages: 224

Whether you want to start a new career as a developer, buy a single property as an investment or just add value to your home, Property Ladder: The Developer's Bible provides all the information you'll need to profit from property. Building on the solid advice of the previous two Property Ladder titles, this book takes readers further, providing a thorough assessment of the market and housing stock in the UK, as well as detailed plans and charts to guide you through the best development options. Sarah's advice is complemented by the professional expertise of solicitors, surveyors and estate agents who advise on the details of analysing housing statistics, buying and selling, funding your purchase, managing your investment (for sale or rent), and actually carrying out your plans. Giving information on how to cost your development, draw up plans, project manage the work and manage your budget. The Developer's Bible will ensure that you make all the right choices and avoid any potential pitfalls as you successfully develop your property.

Author's Biography:
Sarah Beeny is a self-taught property developer and presenter of all series of Property Ladder for Channel 4.

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