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ISBN: 9781844000227


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Super Health Detox

by Michael Van Straten

Category: Food & Drink / Diets & Nutrition
Publication date: 20030100
Number of pages: 108

This guide to detoxing focuses on the prevention of the many modern health scourges that affect us, including raised cholesterol, food intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome. It takes the reader safely though 24-hour, 48-hour and 3-day detox programmes that are planned specifically to help you on the way to better health. It details all the food,drink, natural food supplements and exercise you need at each stage and shows you the three paths to super health - healthy eating, staying active and having a positive outlook on life. Niggling health problems, energy at an all-time low and radiance like a dying light bulb - these are the effects of 21st-century life that we all experience at some time. The "Super Detox" series from nutrition expert and health guru Michael Van Straten is a series of carefully thought out, step-by-step detox programmes to address these problems that combines the traditional attributes of fasting with proven benefits of herbal medicines and natural food supplements.

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