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ISBN: 9781842502037


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Series: Dolly S.


Category: Children & Teen Non-Fiction / Young Children's, Early Learning & Special Book Types
Publication date: 1 February 2002

Stephanie is not only beautiful but also has a dazzling talent for dancing...and for love. She seems destined to go to the top of the ballet world, until the terrible, fateful moment when she must decide between her career and her heart... Christine is driven by an obsession to dance and terrified by a secret no one outside her family knows. But just when everything she's worked so hard for is within her grasp, her best friend steals the man she loves... Sasha is the hottest Russian defector in ballet. Devastatingly attractive and talented onstage, he is irresistibly sensual behind the scenes, where he plays games with passion - and he plays for keeps...

What the papers say:
"The quintessential ballet novel" Publishers Weekly. "What makes this book special is the evocation of that magic world, which Edward Stewart has brought to life in scrumpulous detail...A fast pace, a deftly knit plot, a roman a clef feeling, and a good handful of easily identifiable, interesting characters" The New York Times Book Review

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