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ISBN: 9781444711660


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A Mother's Story

by Sara Payne

Category: True Stories / General
Publication date:
Number of pages: 231

"Thank God we have found her". Sara Payne's haunting words as she announced that the body of her daughter - snatched and murdered by a paedophile, roy Whiting - had finally been found. In this heart-rending memoir, Sara tells her personal story. She describes the numbness as she waited for seventeen days, desperate to hear news of her missing daughter, and the terrible moment when her worst fears became reality. She explains how she and her family tried to cope with their grief and the stress placed upon them by the media campaign for Sarah's Law. As the family struggled to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the tragedy, they found that each reminded the other of the child they had lost. Guilt and anger pushed Sara's marriage into a priral of alcohol abuse and violence.

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