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ISBN: 9781416502210


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No Place Like Home

by Mary Higgins Clark

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Thrillers
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication date: 3 January 2006
Number of pages: 384

A riveting new thriller from America's Queen of Suspense, a young woman is ensnared into returning to a place she had wanted to leave behind forever - her childhood home.

What the papers say:
"Carefully separating stereotype from reality, Carrington investigates family in the gay and lesbian community. Relying upon interviews and observation, the author analyzes the loves and routines of 52 diverse lesbian, gay, and bisexual couples in the Bay area.... [He] closes the work with a discussion of the raging same-sex marriage debate and posits an enlightened solution to this dilemma." - Library Journal

Author's Biography:
MARY HIGGINS CLARK is the author of twenty-nine suspense novels; three collections of short stories; a historical novel, and a memoir. She is the co-author with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, of five holiday suspense novels.

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