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ISBN: 9781407227580


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East of the Sun

by Julia Gregson

Category: Fiction / G - I
Publication date: 12 June 2008
Number of pages: 480
Prizes: Winner of Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2009.

Autumn 1928. Three young women are on their way to India, each with a new life in mind. Rose, a beautiful but naive bride-to-be, is anxious about leaving her family and marrying a man she hardly knows. Victoria, her bridesmaid couldn t be happier to get away from her overbearing mother, and is determined to find herself a husband. And Viva, their inexperienced chaperone, is in search of the India of her childhood, ghosts from the past and freedom. Each of them has their own reason for leaving their homeland but the hopes and secrets they carry can do little to prepare them for what lies ahead in India. From the parties of the wealthy Bombay socialites, to the ragged orphans on Tamarind Street, EAST OF THE SUN is an utterly engaging novel that will captivate readers everywhere.

What the papers say:
"this engaging novel perfectly captures the last days of the Raj" DAILY EXPRESS "What a gorgeous read. Exciting, romantic, unpredictable and funny. I didn't want it to end. You'll crave curry for weeks." - Tracey Ullman "The Orion staff gave this beautifully written book an overwhelming thumbs up, and it isn't hard to see why" COUNTRY LIFE "a finely written story full of characters you can care about...highly descriptive and persuasively told" THE LADY "a unique and fascinating historical novel" PRIMA "For passion in an exotic landscape, check out Julia Gregson's East of the Sun" - Giles Foden CONDENAST TRAVELLER "Warm, charming, masterfully written and impossible to put down once begun" AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY "A richly imagined and thoroughly rewarding book" NHS MAGAZINE "this novel is utterly engaging" ASIAN AGE 'Time, place and that pivotal moment in history are skilfully and engrossingly involved' BEST

Author's Biography:
Julia Gregson worked as a model for Hardie Amies before becoming a journalist. She was posted to Vietnam and India, and then worked for Rolling Stone in New York. She has interviewed Muhammad Ali, Buzz Aldrin, Ronnie Biggs and Hollywood royalty. Married with one daughter and four step-children, she lives in Wales with two Welsh cobs, a Shetland and two dogs.

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