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ISBN: 9780952488156


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What Will I Do with All Those Courgettes?

by Elaine Borish

Category: Food & Drink / Food & Drink
Publisher: Fidelio Press
Publication date: 1 May 2002
Number of pages: 174

A cookery book for a garden full of courgettes. Over 150 recipes for soups, salads, main courses, casseroles, breads and cakes -- enable this easy-to-grow vegetable to be transformed into easy-to-make and delicious dishes.

What the papers say:
Has anyone never had too many of something from the vegetable plot and no one left to give them to? These three cookbooks may just be the answer. Borish has looked ail over the world for recipes: Asia, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Austria, France. She favours things that are easy to grow and easy to cook, giving a short encouragement on each: This delicious version makes a change from the standard coleslaw; it is best made a day ahead. Measurements are given in equivalents: about 40 oz (1 litre); 4 oz (100g), 10 fl oz (300ml or 1 1/4 cups), 1lb (450g), 2 oz (50 60 oz or 1/2 cup). Instructions are very simple, leaving room for your input - Garnish with parsley (if you want to). - Julia Boulton, Editor, The Cottage Gardener

Author's Biography:
Elaine Borish

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