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ISBN: 9780863584305


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Trauma and Recovery

From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

by Judith Lewis Herman

Category: Science & Nature / Science & Maths
Publisher: Rivers Oram Press
Publication date: 1 January 1994
Number of pages: 302

This publication looks at restoring connections: between the public and private worlds; between individuals and communities; and between men and women. The author, a psychiatrist, makes the link between the "heroic" suffering of men in war and political struggle, and the degraded suffering of women through rape, incest and domestic violence. She identifies a fresh diagnostic category for those suffering from "hidden" traumas, and proposes a recovery programme which favours a process of reintegration. With a new afterword, Judith Lewis Herman describes the controversy ignited by her work, the new research to emerge in this field of psychology and the far-reaching implications of this text on trauma situations worldwide.

What the papers say:
'One of the most important psychiatric works to be published since Freud.' New York Times; 'The very best book on the relationship between sexual abuse and political power.' Susie Orbach, Guardian; 'Cogently argued and well illustrated with relevant case sets abuse of whatever kind in its wider social context. This book will be of benefit to all, either practitioners or supervisors, who grapple with the implications of work with survivors.' Sue Clement-Jewery, Relate

Author's Biography:
Judith Lewis Herman is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School and Director of Training at the Victims of Violence Program at Cambridge Hospital, Massachusetts.

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