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ISBN: 9780863582004


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Amateur City

by Katherine V Forrest

Category: Gay & Lesbian / General
Publication date: 19870600
Number of pages: 198

First published in 1984, AMATEUR CITY introduced the world to LAPD detective Kate Delafield, marking the beginning of one of mystery fiction's most successful series as well as one of the most lucrative genres in gay publishing: the lesbian mystery. Appearing in total in six novels to date, Kate Delafield, a complex and determined detective, quickly became the most celebrated figure in lesbian fiction. In the first in the series, reprinted now to captivate a new generation of fans, LAPD Detective Kate Delafield, the tough and demanding leader of the homicide investigation team, and her partner Ed Taylor are looking into the murder of a high profile sales executive. Ellen O'Neil had antagonised her lover by taking a job in a Los Angeles high rise office building - only to find herself sole witness to events surrounding her co-worker's baffling murder. As Kate quickly discovers strong motives for the killing of Fergus Parker in an office united in its hatred of the murdered man, she also finds her path increasingly intersecting with that of Ellen O'Neil - a woman destined to break down her personal defences...

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