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ISBN: 9780862729776


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Mountains and Volcanoes

by Barbara Taylor

Category: Children & Teen Non-Fiction / Mathematics, Science & Nature
Publication date: 19940331
Number of pages: 32

This is one of a series which provides an activity-based introduction to geography, with concepts introduced gradually and simply. The activities aim to be both straightforward and enjoyable, and range from building a gushing geyser to designing a Treasure Island map and making a sundial. Panel boxes show real-life analogies, such as showing how toffee sets hard, to illustrate how lava turns to rock. Focusing on mountains and volcanoes, this volume looks at the forces inside the Earth that build mountains, describes different types of rock and the process of erosion, and includes a feature on the Himalayas. The book ends with a spread on some of the world's tallest mountains, and among the activities is the building of an erupting volcano.

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