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ISBN: 9780857202529


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Hung Together

The 2010 Election and the Coalition Government

by Adam Boulton , By (author) Joey Jones

Category: Study & Reference / Politics & Government
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Publication date: 8 November 2010
Number of pages: 336

Hung Together tells the story of a year that made political history as told by the protagonists and as witnessed by two journalists with unrivalled access to events. Adam Boulton and Joey Jones were at the heart of the action of the past extraordinary months and are able to draw on detailed interviews with all the key players to build up the most complete and intimate picture of how things unfolded. Hung Together begins by looking at the election campaign and the pivotal events of the weeks running up to polling day - including the televised Leaders Debates (one of which Boulton chaired). The book then follows the campaign trail -- Joey Jones, the only senior journalist permitted to follow David Cameron day in, day out reveals a glimpse of the stresses the future PM found himself under during his gruelling weeks on the road -- and the coalition negotiations; a hothouse of discussion and give and take, the consequences of which are only just sinking in. Westminster has rarely witnessed such drama and yet much of what went on has not so far been told. Whether on the stump, while broadcasting live, or during tense discussions deep in the bowels of Whitehall, the authors witnessed every event themselves or know someone who did. And in Hung Together they unveil a complete picture of what really went on, a story that is at present shrouded in rumour and secrecy.

What the papers say:
'A pacy, well-written and excellently sourced account of the general election and the negotiations that followed' Peter Oborne, Telegraph 4/12 'History was made at the election. And now, the coalition deal done, the truth can be told' Independent on Sunday 28/11 'An engaging insight in to the behind-the-scenes dramas of the 2010 general election and the subsequent high-wire talks to form a coalition government... Key moments are brought to life' Nicholas Jones, Tribune 26/11 'A pacy, well-written and excellently sourced account of the general election and the negotiations that followed' Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph 4/11

Author's Biography:
Adam Boulton is the pre-eminent broadcast journalist of his generation and the author of Tony's Ten Years, a critically acclaimed account of the Blair premiership. Joey Jones was nominated for the Royal Television Society Specialist Journalist of the Year in 2010. He was Sky News' lead correspondent covering the Conservative campaign.

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