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ISBN: 9780826472427


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What Philosophy Is

by Havi Carel , Edited by David Gamez

Category: Religion & Philosophy / Philosophy
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 10 March 2004
Number of pages: 304

What do we mean when we talk about philosophy today? How does philosophy relate to science, to politics, to literature? What methods does the modern philosopher use, and how does philosophy progress? Does philosophy differ from place to place? What can philosophy do for us? And what can it not do? This book, with contributions from such exciting and influential contemporary philosophers as Simon Blackburn, Michael Friedman, Simon Critchley and Manuel DeLanda, offers us a fascinating picture of the character and methods of philosophy; its possibilities and its limitations. And of course, it is itself a piece of philosophy in action, not merely offering us answers but also prompting us to ask further questions and to philosophise for ourselves.

Author's Biography:
Havi Carel is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of the West of England, UK. David Gamez is at the University of Essex, UK where he is working on a project to build a conscious robot. He has a PhD in Continental Philosophy and previous publications include What Philosophy Is (co-edited with Havi Carel, Continuum, 2003).

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