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ISBN: 9780755317752


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Pulling No Punches

by John Prescott

Category: Fiction / P - R
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 29 May 2008
Number of pages: 416

PREZZA: PULLING NO PUNCHES finally tells the remarkable journey of an 11-plus failure who became a union firebrand, a campaigning MP and Britain's longest-serving deputy prime minister. Whether you regard John Prescott as a street brawler, traitor to the left, grace-and-favour croquet player, philanderer and minister without a job; OR as the man who ensured crucial party modernisation, who helped get Labour back into power, who kept the peace between Brown and Blair, who fought with Al Gore to get the ground-breaking Kyoto Agreement signed and the voice of reason in the Cabinet - his life story makes for a compelling read.

What the papers say:
'A terrific political autobiography of a kind that we may not see again... Compelling and affecting stuff' - Sunday Times

Author's Biography:
The son of a railway signalman, John Prescott failed his 11-plus exam and became a steward in the Merchant Navy. He went on to attend Ruskin College, Oxford and then Hull University where he obtained a degree in economics and economic history. He was elected to Parliament in 1970 as MP for Hull East. Following the death of John Smith in 1994 he became deputy leader of the Labour party in the first leadership election under the 'one member, one vote' system he had passionately advocated at the 1993 Labour conference. Following Labour's election victory in 1997, Prescott was appointed deputy prime minister, a position he held until his retirement from the job in June 2007.

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