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ISBN: 9780753504574


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Strange Fascination

David Bowie - The Definitive Story

by David Buckley

Category: Media, Art & Design / Music
Publisher: Ebury Press
Publication date: 8 June 2000
Number of pages: 608

Thirty years on from his first hit single, 'Space Oddity', David Bowie remains the most influential rock star from the post-Woodstock generation. Strange Fascination chronicles Bowie's career against the colourful backdrop of post-Beatles pop culture. It's a story of amazing creativity, of huge theatricality and of an almost pathological quest to remain relevant and at pop's cutting edge. It is simply the the most complete account of David Bowie and his impact on pop culture ever written. This book is the first genuinely insightful and heavyweight biography of a true musical icon, fully revised and updated for paperback edition.

What the papers say:
ONE OF THE MOST AUTHORITATIVE BOWIE BOOKS YOU'RE EVER LIKELY TO READ' MOJO 'As a critique-cum-re-establishment of the David Bowie character, 'definitive' is pretty much it' The Guardian

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