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ISBN: 9780752861364


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Warnings of Gales

by Annie Sanders

Category: Fiction / S - U
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 18 July 2005
Number of pages: 352

Imogen, who organised the holiday, is frighteningly capable and a bit of a control freak. Sophie is Imogen's oldest friend. And then there's Jo, an acquaintance of Sophie's roped in at the last minute when the first choice of housemate pulled out. From the outset, there's friction, and it can only get worse when the husbands join them.

What the papers say:
'For a more girly getaway, Annie Sanders' Warnings of Gales is a riot ... This is a must read for anyone planning a trip with friends ... the perfect escape.' THE BOOKSELLER 'This sharply observed tale of domestic dispute will strike a chord with the thousands who have endured and enjoyed shared vacations.' THE EXPRESS 'One of our picks of the year ... poignant, funny and well-observed' BELLA '...they bring all the wit, charm and sparkle of their debut novel to this entertaining sequel.' BELFAST TELEGRAPH

Author's Biography:
Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders are television and print journalists who have written nine non-fiction books together while managing to remain the best of friends. Both married with young children, they live in Stratford-upon-Avon. WARNINGS OF GALES is their second novel.

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