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ISBN: 9780752849140


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Drop Shot

by Harlan Coben

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 2 May 2002
Number of pages: 384

A young woman is murdered, and Myron Bolitar finds himself up against a killer - and the truth.

A former tennis prodigy about to launch her comeback is shot dead in front of thousands at a champagne stall at the US Open. The police arrest a stalker but he's an unlikely murderer. Former basketball star turned lawyer turned sports agent turned private investigator Myron Bolitar was in negotiations with the starlet just before she died and decides to turn his hand to tracking down the murderer, although he has his hands full with his own tennis star, Duane Richwood, a young black player rising from the streets to the semi-finals of the tournament. But things start to get complicated - the new star is acting very strangely, a crooked senator wants the investigation called off and the mob are starting to show an interest too. In the wrong hands, this labyrinthine novel could all turn out to be very cheesy indeed, mixing fictitious players with real ones and sport with the mafia as it does. But it wins through thanks to its sheer pace, zippy dialogue and a knowing, likeable central character in Bolitar. Sardonic wit and a complex plot are difficult strands to pull together, but Coben excels. Like the other Bolitar novels, each of which concentrates on a different sport (a remarkable departure for an author who confesses he doesn't actually like sport) it has innumerable twists and turns, with a big one at the end to surprise even the most attentive reader. (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
"At last a British Publisher has given British Readers the chance to discover something every US mystery fan already knows - Harlan Coben is one of the most entertaining and intriguing crime writers around." Val McDermid

Author's Biography:
Harlan Coben was the first ever author to win all three major crime awards in the US. He is now global bestseller with his mix of powerful stand-alone thrillers and Myron Bolitar crime novels. He has appeared in the bestseller lists of THE TIMES, the NEW YORK TIMES, LE MONDE, WALL STREET JOURNAL and the LOS ANGELES TIMES. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and four children.

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