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ISBN: 9780752843377


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A Kept Woman

by Louise Bagshawe

Category: Fiction / A - C
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 13 August 2001
Number of pages: 320

Diana Foxton has it all. Rich, British and beautiful she is married to the head of a publishing empire and fills her days with lunches, interior decorating and clothes shopping. Never out of the society pages, she hosts the most talked about parties in Manhattan and makes being the perfect wife an art form. Then she discovers her husband is having an affair, her glamorous bubble is burst and she finds herself without any money or any qualifications, shunned by the glittering society that once embraced her. Alone for the first time, she takes the only job she can get, and settles awkwardly into a very different life. But can she make it on her own? And why does her new boss, the handsome Michael Cicero, take so much pleasure in watching her struggle?

Diana is the pampered daughter of a well-to-do family who marries Ernest, a cockney publisher. He keeps his wife in the manner to which she has become accustomed and when he goes to America to continue his businesss of asset-stripping and down-sizing companies, Diana, a stunningly beautiful woman, becomes the perfect trophy wife - wowing New York society in her designer clothes and accessories. She throws the best parties, is seen in all the 'in' places, the successful couple continually on the A list - but only she and Ernest know how unsatisfactory their sex life is, a fact that Diana glosses over because she lives in the lap of luxury. However, only months into her marriage she discovers that her husband is having a tawdry affair so she confides in her best 'friends' for their advice as to the best way to deal with the situation. Soon Diana finds herself forced to find work to make ends meet but the only person willing to give her a chance is Michael Cicero who has his own axe to grind concerning Ernest Foxton. In the cut-throat world of media publishing, some you win - some you lose - and Foxton and Cicero are both men who don't like to lose whilst Diana discovers the 'buzz' from being a career woman as well as discovering that sex can be an exciting adventure and not something to be endured. Strong sexual content. (Kirkus UK)

Author's Biography:
Bestselling author Louise Bagshawe published her first novel, CAREER GIRLS, while still in her early twenties. She has since written five novels, all available from Orion. She lives with her husband in New York.

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