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ISBN: 9780752842479


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The Real Bravo Two Zero (Ome)

The Truth Behind "Bravo Two Zero"

by Michael Asher

Category: True Stories / True War Stories
Publication date: 20021003
Number of pages: 320

'Bravo Two Zero' was the code-name of the famous SAS operation: a classic story of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. Three members of the patrol were killed. One, veteran sergeant Vince Phillips, was blamed in two bestselling books for a succession of mistakes. However, the stories in BRAVO TWO ZERO and THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY grew considerably in the telling. Their heroic tales of taking out tanks with their rocket launchers, mowing down hundreds of Iraqi soldiers, the silent stabbing of the occasional sentry, were never mentioned at their post-war debriefings... Michael Asher went to Iraq to find out what really happened. Just one step ahead of the Iraqi police he retraced the footsteps of the patrol from its landing in the desert to the hunt and pursuit that cost the lives of three men. The story he uncovered is very different to previous accounts and now, finally, the truth behind Bravo Two Zero can be told.

Author's Biography:
Michael Asher served in the Parachute Regiment and SAS. A fluent Arab speaker, he has lived for years among the Bedouin peoples. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, his published books include SHOOT TO KILL (1990), THESIGER: A BIOGRAPHY (1994) and an acclaimed biography of Lawrence of Arabia.

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